Tips For Lighting Every Room In Your Home

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Lighting has a special charm in interior design, as it is no longer just a step to illuminate the void, but rather it has become a way to highlight the beauty of the design and influence the psychological state and help to practice different activities, your design will not be complete without choosing appropriate and innovative lighting and leaving its impact on every corner in your home, and because the world of decoration In a development every day, several innovative methods and new ideas appear that help you choose what suits each room, to play an important role in controlling the mood of people as well as the room itself and its ambiance and the activities conducted through it, in addition to its visual impact on the room’s space and design, it is important to be aware that there are two elements They are important in lighting.

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1- space..

Lighting of all kinds and methods creates a visual effect and an illusion of space, whether negatively or positively. Make a beam of natural light permeate the spaces of your home. Use an artificial lighting unit and a special style for your design and enjoy the difference. If the light is not enough, you will feel that the space is smaller and vice versa, so easily you can change the lines The engineering of the space itself using lighting and deceptive vision with the effect of lighting..

2- directional light

One of the most important elements used in industrial lighting and is one of the basics and principles of lighting any space is directional light. It is common about the direction of direct lighting that it should be downward only, but it can be directed in reverse or horizontally, and one of the most important things that must be taken into account when choosing a unit of operation and endurance, and you should not rely only on placing chandeliers in large and spacious places and open areas and rooms because it Only in the middle of the place, but also, you will need a variety of lighting for the room, such as wall lights, to emphasize the height of the room, to illuminate the space in a balanced manner, and to pay attention to the corners and angles.

3- Color result

The use of lighting in the design of your interior home can add or decrease the sum of colors in the room. Dark colors make the room smaller and narrower, while light colors give the impression that the room is wider and larger, with lighting reflections and the ability to absorb color for the light shining on it, the desired and expected visual effect is achieved and occurs The combination of the result of colors and lighting used..

4- Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is one of the means used to illuminate the corners, and it is mainly relied upon to create a calm and romantic atmosphere while maintaining the required balance in the targeted space. It uses LED lighting lines of different colors and angles, and the light source disappears in this type and its effect remains..

5- Decorative units

With an oriental spirit and an atmosphere from the Maghreb, choose wall units for a poetic and romantic atmosphere that decorate the walls of your home..

6- The stairs

There is lighting that we need in a functional way away from the main lighting of the void, but as units distributed regularly on the steps of the stairs or the sides of an internal corridor or in dark corners, and it plays its role to the fullest, including directed, positional, and multiple shapes and colors..

7- The dining table

In the dining room, attention should be drawn to the table by hanging a chandelier or multiple units with special bulbs, and then distributing indirect lighting in the rest of the room to keep it fully lit, and do not forget the distinctive decorative pieces and candlesticks to decorate the space..