The Right Lamps For Interior Spaces – Tips

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Lamps have a special charm, as no one disputes their ability to add a new luster to any space they are placed in, and to transform its monotony into a renewed life, creating a luster, a romantic touch and endless effects depending on the style chosen, all in addition to its primary function in creating light and clarifying visuals.

Whether you want to combine them with other elements or stand out on their own, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right lamps for your space, and while there are no clear and fast rules for choosing and picking the right lamps - other than that - the professionals in this The field has their tips that help light up the home in the brightest, most efficient and comfortable way possible.


Think of the void itself

Bronze Handmade Sconces Crystal Wall lamps by US Chandelier

The size and proportion should play the biggest role in choosing the appropriate lamp size, otherwise you will feel imbalance in the room, the larger the place, the larger the lighting units. Although there are formulas used to determine the ideal size for a lamp, the choice in the end really depends on the space, and how the lighting will interact with other objects and shapes in the room. For example, we can choose a bedroom lamp that adds harmonious lighting and is in harmony with the color of the bedding itself.

In some cases, matching lamps will be appropriate if you have a lot of motifs and patterns in the space. In the bedroom, designers tend to match lamps on either side of the bed, giving a more balanced feel. But in the end anyway, it really depends on the place itself.

In the living room, we usually don't match the lamps as no two elements of the same lamps are used, but rather a table lamp in one area and a floor lamp in another.

Using overhead lighting "in particular" can create cool-looking spaces, as the light tends to be harsh and matte. But at the same time, the quality of the lighting can add warmth and intimacy to the room.


Add dimension

Handmade Rustic Wood wall lamp by US Chandelier

To create a cohesive-looking space, the pattern of the lamps should be in keeping with the rest of the décor. You will get a great result when you associate one of the accent colors in the room with the lamp itself or its shade.

Although the basic shapes and sizes of lamps may vary from one type to another, height is the critical dimension that determines whether or not the lamp will appear an appropriate size.

Typically, the table lamp should be between 26 to 32 inches high, and it should also be in proportion to whatever piece of furniture is placed around it, usually on the side of the piece of furniture and grouped with other small items, to balance the table.

Using table and floor lamps is a great way to add varying height to a room if the furniture ends at roughly the same height. In this case, try placing a table lamp next to the sofa to add new height and interest in space.

If the lamps surround a piece of furniture such as a sofa or bed, the lamps should form a matching pair to balance. However, designers like to use blending techniques such as a floor lamp with a table lamp or two singles such as a desk lamp and side table lamp.