The Most Important Tips For Distributing Lighting At Home

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The Effect Of Lighting On Home Decor

In this article, we will learn about the different types of home lighting, the most important tips for distributing it in the home, and its prominent role as one of the important decorative elements

Lighting is used as an essential element in our daily life; Whether at home, at work, or anywhere else

But its role in recent years has not been limited to lighting to distinguish things only, but has been introduced as an aesthetic element in the decor, and decorators have used it to solve many design problems

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Different types of home lighting

Before you begin to sketch the lighting units in the home, you should be very familiar with the types

:Here are the most important types of home lighting and their uses


 General lighting*

General or ambient lighting is lighting that covers the entire room; Hence, it is the basic lighting, because it aims to illuminate every corner of the room, and decorative lighting is built on it later

The general and ambient lighting is represented in: chandeliers, ceiling fans, ceiling lamps, floor lamps ... and others


 Task lighting units*

It is a type of lighting unit that is used to complete a special and specific task in the room; That is why it is called task lighting

They are intended to accomplish a specific work such as: reading a book, preparing food, or practicing a craft

Task lighting should be non-glare so that it is comfortable to the eye while completing the assigned work

Task lighting is: pendant lamps, desk lamp, and a lamp dedicated to completing an activity or hobby


 Spotlight (directed)*

And, just like its name, it is designed to focus on a specific event so that you focus on it only to highlight its beauty and details

That is why it is called focused lighting. Because it acts as an eye-catching element on a particular object or décor in the room

For example: directing the focused light on a decorative piece or a masterpiece in the room, which is also the lighting used inside the bookcase

Therefore, directed lighting is one of the luxury and decorative lighting in the home

Focused or directed lighting is: wall-mounted lamps, picture and frame lamps, hanging lighting in corners, and sconce



How to distribute the appropriate lighting for the rooms of the house

Lighting distribution in the bedrooms

Avoid shining a strong light on the bed, as it will cause you discomfort

Rely on distributing soft lighting from the walls or ceiling fan, and you can add focus lighting on an artistic aspect in the room

Lighting distribution in the kitchen

Make sure to distribute the lighting well in the kitchen ceiling, preferably white lighting

Lighting distribution in children's rooms

Use soft lighting in children's rooms to help them sleep at night, and illuminate tasks in areas where they study and play

Lighting distribution in the living room

It is one of the most important rooms in the house; Therefore, it is preferable to implement more than one lighting design to suit the periods of the day and night

While avoiding the spotlight directly on the TV

Lighting distribution in the bathroom

Spread the lighting well on the ceiling of the bathroom, adding directional lighting on the sides of the mirrors