The Importance Of Lighting And Its Types In Home Decor

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Light is one of the most important pillars of our lives, and it was a great invention, benefiting all mankind, and facilitating our lives a lot, and none of us can dispense with light in his life, and today when finishing any house, lighting is the main concern of family members after finishing finishes, as lighting can show All the beauty and creativity of your home finishes and the beauty of your decor and designs, or hide this beauty

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The importance of lighting in home decer

Room lighting gives great importance to the designs of our home, makes the decor wonderful, and adds touches of beauty, as it is an essential means for comfort and happiness inside the house, by providing lighting in every corner of the house and rooms, and here we are talking about the difference between two basic types of lighting, and they are Natural lighting and artificial lighting


The interest in providing sources of natural lighting is at the beginning of the construction of the house from the ground up, by providing a window in each room, and the window must be on the opposite side of the sun, and this has several benefits, most notably, the natural light entering the rooms through the window, and you should not make the window opposite the bed place. In the bedrooms and children, it should be on one side of the bed, and natural lighting represented in the sun helps in eliminating viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors