Some Floor lamp shapes

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Floor lamps In their entire history, the basic structure has not changed significantly: a stand - a long leg - a lampshade with a light source. The average height of the device is 150-180 cm. Now the floor lamp is not just a light fixture, but an important decorative part of the interior. The imagination of designers and manufacturers gave it exotic and diverse forms.

US Chandelier believe that Floor lamps are usually equipped with a built-in switch. Many models are produced using a dimmer - a device for adjusting the brightness of lighting. This is useful when reading at night. Increasingly, manufacturers are using modern light sources as sources. LED lamp , which is more energy efficient than traditional halogen.


Floor lamps with straight legs

The most traditional form of a floor lamp is a straight leg made of wood or metal on a round base and a stern lampshade. 

There are many variations of this format. It can be replaced by a pregnant triple leg , which gives the structure stability. The lamp shade can be attached to the leg at different angles,  A number of products use a combination of several small lampshades .


Floor lamps with curved legs

A very convenient invention for reading: the light falls from the top and is not obstructed by anything. Some models use a flexible or hinged leg , with which you can change the angle of inclination of the lampshade. Comfortable, practical and simple Leucos JJ series floor lamp with adjustable fixtures.

The appearance of these floor lamps can be completely unexpected. A designer's imagination can turn it, for example, into a tree branch .


Floor lamps with shelves

Since floor lamps are almost always used mainly for reading, it makes perfect sense to equip them with a small shelf ... Many designers developed this theme , creating visually attractive and at the same time functional designs. For example, several books, a cup of coffee and other small things can be placed on several shelves, the floor lamp will remain stationary.


Uniquely shaped floor lamps

Experimenting with the shapes of floor lamps, designers create products that are difficult to classify - they are very unusual. US Chandelier created her CHRYSALIS collection in the form of a huge vase. And the US Chandelier lamp looks like a sheet. The options for the shape of floor lamps, like the imagination of designers, are truly endless.