Ooutdoor Lighting In 7 Key Points

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Enhance your garden , terrace or the facade of your house, it is possible thanks to well thought out outdoor lighting . In the evening, the artificial light magnifies, dresses and structures the outdoor spaces to give them another face. Lighting, layout ideas, tips and advice: follow our 7 key points to properly illuminate your outdoor space in our special file!

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Spotlights , floor projectors , mixed, supported or even flat wall lights , there are many possibilities to illuminate your facade with very different light renderings from the most classic to the most contemporary... So which luminaire for which lighting effect? We tell you everything!

The lighting of a facade must be functional and decorative. The luminaires must be chosen according to the context of the house: its environment and its style.

  • To highlight a beautiful facade and create a decorative effect, directional spotlights or powerful spotlights placed at ground level give height to the walls and create aesthetic beams of light.

  • Suspended wall sconces with direct downward lighting are also recommended in confined spaces.

  • Wall lights with mixed lighting enhance a façade better by also lighting upwards.

  • Upward looking wall lights or “supported wall lights” are suitable when a large space above them is available, eg without a window, roof or balcony.

  • Half-sconces or veneered sconces are recommended on a relatively narrow wall between the window and the door, for example.


Lighting up your plants allows you to enjoy them even at night and to beautify the garden. Well lit, they stand out like plant sculptures. So spots, projectors or bollards , which lights to choose and which bulbs to illuminate them well? Installing lights at the foot of plants and shrubs in your garden allows you to beautifully highlight them when daylight declines.

Several types of lights are suitable:

  • The spotlights are perfectly suited to this project. The intensity of the halogens offers the possibility of giving a lot of relief to your plantations. You have at your disposal spots to bury, which are to be preferred to light up flowerbeds or lawns. There are also spots that are to be stung in the ground. These two types of spots are adjustable.

  • Another category of lighting that will give you satisfaction: projectors. They work on the same principle as spotlights, but they are more powerful.

  • Whether it's spotlights or flood lights, know that the greater the distance between them and your plants and shrubs, the larger the area they illuminate.

  • There are still the bollards , lampposts or bollards. These fixtures provide more mood lighting, but they may be quite sufficient to achieve the result you are looking for.


Garden lighting is becoming more and more creative thanks to the boom in new light fixtures that are easy to live with and nomadic. For an evening, you can create poetic and bohemian lighting by hanging lamps in the trees. When you want to place lights in trees, the best option is to opt for LED lights .

  • The decoration possibilities are numerous. They vary depending on the number of lamps you have. Also note that you can create pretty effects with models that diffuse soft colored lights.

  • Otherwise, you also have the option of lighting the trees in your garden from the ground. Taking into account the height of the latter, the volume they represent and the density of their foliage, you will place directional halogen spotlights which will magnify them.

  • Remember that the lamps that are installed outdoors must be able to withstand the weather. It is also necessary to think carefully about your electrical installation in order to avoid any incident or malfunction. The use of a professional should be considered.


Guiding your steps, but also marking the path to mark an outdoor path is essential lighting in a garden. How to place the light points, which lights to choose? For a safe and decorative path, especially at night, follow our advice. Install luminous markings along your driveway so you don't get lost in the garden at night!

  • To mark out an outdoor walkway at night, it is best to install, on each side and at a regular distance, low bollards or spotlights placed at ground level which diffuse a soft light without dazzling.

  • Arranged all along the aisle, these lights show you the way, while bringing a very pleasant decorative touch.

  • You therefore have the choice between electrical terminals connected to the mains, whose wires you can hide in the vegetation, or bury them for camouflage and increased security.

  • Particularly elegant with their cast aluminum structure, the bollards are ideal for marking out a path.

  • The other solution is to mark your driveway with solar spotlights . In a natural style, the solar-powered imitation rock spotlights have a lighting duration of 8 hours and blend into the decor when the day comes.


Make the most of an evening in the garden and your outdoor spaces by composing an ideal and comfortable lighting atmosphere, this is possible thanks to the judicious use of outdoor lighting. Discover our tips for creating a bright atmosphere for an evening in the garden. With the return of sunny days, what could be nicer than spending a whole evening in the garden? Enchant these precious moments by creating a soft and refined lighting atmosphere.

  • For an evening in the garden in unison with nature, absolutely banish any source of cold and dazzling lighting.

  • On the walls of the house, think of wall sconces, which diffuse soft lighting. In Italian-style terracotta or Moorish-inspired ceramic and frosted glass, or completely design in aluminium, these sources of indirect lighting allow safe circulation around the house in complete discretion.

  • Remember to hang light garlands on the trees for their irresistibly festive side and multiply the light sources. Hang lanterns and tealights here and there and place lamps specially designed for the outdoors on the ground.


Like the bathroom , the garden is a space subject to specific standards in terms of electricity to ensure the safety of installations and lighting. Infiltrations and other risks threaten outdoor luminaires. Our advice for safe outdoor lighting and installation.

Garden lighting is subject to drastic safety standards. Don't think that you can ignore them just because your lights are outside the house! On the contrary, subject to bad weather, infiltration, ground movement, etc. they will have to withstand many trials.

  • Most outdoor fixtures are Class I and II products. If they are Class I, you must ground them. If they are class II, they have double insulation which exempts you from grounding.

  • Finally, note that the electrical circuit itself must meet certain installation standards: branch circuit breaker, sealed switches and sockets, minimum distances between cable trenches and cable protection.

  • If you have only basic electrical skills, entrust the realization of this circuit to a professional.

  • The IP rating is indicated on the packaging. The higher this is, the more waterproof the garden light will be. The devices used must at least have a protection index greater than 44, when they are not under cover.

  • Finally, low-voltage 12-volt outdoor lighting is also subject to safety standards, even if it represents less danger.


It is difficult to carry out an electrical installation in the garden without incurring heavy work. Fortunately, there are many solutions that are easy to implement thanks to increasingly efficient solar lights. Spotlights, light balls, wall lights, the choice is vast. Use and abuse these smart lights to provide extra light for your garden. Play around with different types of solar lights to light up your garden at night.

  • Smart as anything, solar lights recharge in daylight and light up your garden at night!

  • Ecological and economical, solar-powered luminaires today offer completely correct lighting and an operating autonomy of up to 8 hours.

  • There are different types of solar lights for the garden, allowing the marking of paths, the lighting of a table, the enhancement of a plant element or the creation of a luminous decoration.

  • Unusual and suitable for use in water, the solar balls in transparent waterproof plastic can be placed on the table as well as on the grass or on the water!

  • Inspired by plants, the stake lamps blend into the decor of your garden with elegance and naturalness. Some also offer a clip function to light up a table or be carried by hand, practical and nomadic!

  • To mark out the paths, think of the spotlights to be placed, light points that you can also sow in the garden for a simple and playful light decoration.