New Fixed And Mobile Lighting In Decoration

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Fixed and mobile home lighting is always renewable, in the world of decoration, what is the best way to use it in every room of the house? US Chandelier answered several of the following decorating tips.

The large, mobile, light accessories are placed in the rooms of the house that are not used, and in the rooms that are most used, the preferred lighting is fixed and high. according to US Chandelier

New in hall lighting accessories

Unique Lamps For Living Room

The guest lounge needs bright lighting; The hidden lighting represents the main source of lighting in the aforementioned space, whether it is lunar or solar, it emits strong light, then comes the role of light accessories, which are:

• The "spots", which enhance the decor scene, according to Farran, especially that they are distributed in the form of a specific drawing on the ceiling, taking care to deposit a wide distance between one of them. They also cast shadows on the walls.

• Table lamps made mostly of chrome or wrought iron (verforge) or those floors with wood (or iron or...) plinths of various shapes, with cloth headers, harmoniously coordinated with the curtains or upholstery. The height of the floor lamp ranges between 120 and 170 centimeters, depending on where it is hosted.

• Fixed lighting on the walls, especially the "appliances", which are no longer in common use. Rather, their presence is accompanied by wood accessories, such as a wood panel with hidden lighting behind it, and an "applique" near it, projecting its light up and down the space. The applique is made of chrome, metal or marble, in harmony with the materials present in the hall. It also likes to put the "applek" next to the curtain.

There is an idea in the decor is to employ two pairs of "globes", that is, the covering that diffuses light on the wall, behind each of them a panel of glass (or mirrors or wood) that looks like a frame for it.

As for the living room, which embraces a sitting that extends in the form of the letter "L", it is preferable to rely on hidden lighting, "spots" and light accessories fixed on the walls more than the floor "lampshades". Related decoration ideas include: Installing two pairs of "applications", in the middle of them, a panel (or a wall covered with "gypsum board" with hidden lighting). It is popular to employ balls that carry lighting inside, and they are covered from the outside with mirrors (or colored glass), to be distributed on the table in the middle of the room or in a corner of it.


Lighting In The Bedroom

On the other hand, the most popular light accessories in the bedroom, especially if the back of the bed is high: two pairs of “shades” that drop from the ceiling above the two bedside tables, accompanied by a soft chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, in proportion to the room’s space. It also replaces the hidden lighting behind the mirror of the dressing table, while providing the surface of the latter with bright lighting. As for the boys’ bedroom, it is preferable to stay away from the moving lighting units, so it depends on the hidden lighting and the chandelier installed on the ceiling. The study area is also provided with adequate lighting.


No light Accessories In The Kitchen

• In the kitchen, lighting takes the form of a chandelier or “globe” or a design that carries it in the middle of the ceiling, knowing that the kitchen needs strong lighting, especially the cooking corner, in addition to integrating the lighting in the shelf, as well as shedding it on the floor, and on the sink. There is no need for light accessories in the kitchen.

• There is no need for strong lighting in the guest bathroom, but rather to generate shadows in it, so it is preferable to distribute the "spots" in the false ceiling.

• The main bathroom calls for strong lighting that interacts with the colors of the ceramics in the mentioned space, whether they are light or dark. Therefore, it is attractive to employ lighting in the mirror and ceiling. In the event that there are small shelves (boxes) on the wall, in the vicinity of the jacuzzi, the lighting is distributed around the tub, creating a “spa” atmosphere.