Lighting Distribution Ideas In Interior Decoration

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Lighting, when applied in a thoughtful way in the house, achieves visual comfort for the occupants, and it enriches the interior decoration. It carries attractive lighting pieces, which play a pivotal role in the interior décor. In this context, US Chandelier enumerates a set of ideas for distributing lighting in interior decoration.

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Reception Space


• If the dining room is open to the salon, there is no need to exaggerate the distribution of hidden lighting and “spots”.
• When there is a "cornice" in the ceiling made of "gypsum board", shared between the two corners of the dining room and the salon, it is preferable to provide it with hidden lighting, and to support it from the bottom with "spots" that are a design consisting of more than one light.
• To highlight a certain decoration on the walls that bear a design made of wood or mirrors, or bear paintings, the hidden lighting is installed between the ceiling and the wall and illuminates exclusively on the decor.
• In the dining room, it is possible to resort to the idea of ​​a false ceiling, whether the dining room is open or independent, provided that the “gypsum board” is cut according to a specific geometric shape, including hidden lighting, to suggest that they are lines in the ceiling. This idea is adopted in narrow spaces, and is implemented using light colors.



It is undesirable to use small “spots” made of “chrome” and in golden color. Rather, it is possible to design “cornices” above the shelves of the cabinets, carrying small “spots” that shine exclusively on the shelves to highlight the beauty of the cabinets.


• In the bedrooms, there is no need to employ strong lighting, except for the salon, the sitting room and the kitchen. In this context, a corner in the bedroom, whether in the master bedroom or the children's bedroom, can be distinguished in terms of lighting, above the study table or the dressing table.
• It is possible to achieve a model (or two models) of lighting in the bedrooms, using a range of colors; On the false ceiling, it is enough to distribute the "spots" that achieve a romantic touch. When greater illumination is needed, a design is implemented inside the false ceiling, whereby the latter is emptied according to an engineering method, to install a pane of glass containing the lighting inside.
• For dressing table, lighting can penetrate the mirror, or allocate lighting in the ceiling and shine directly on the mirror. Among the related decor ideas: A mirror is used, whether it is surrounded by wood or chrome, and inside it is raised “spots”.