Interior Lighting In Winter Decorations

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In winter, the day shortens, and the weather turns cloudy and dark on most days, which reduces the amount of natural lighting that the house has , thus increasing the dependence on industrial ones. What is the appropriate indoor lighting for winter decorations ?
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Ways To Enhance Home Lighting In Winter

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ways to enhance the lighting of the house in the winter, noting that three sources provide industrial lighting: ceiling lighting, wall lighting, and floor (or table)
*lighting :

• Lighting units that fall under the category of fashion, include those that descend "Big", in contrast to the invitations of interior designers in the past, the invitations that were focused on choosing "soft" chandeliers for rooms, whatever their function. In addition, the copper finishes of the chandeliers are desirable, as is the black color of them, noting the importance of controlling their intensity, a feature that most lighting units eventually carry.

• It is important to replace the lamps in the kitchen, to make them energy-saving, while shedding light on work surfaces.

• The floor lamp (or table lamp) increases the amount of lighting in the room that is dependent on the chandelier exclusively for this purpose.


Decoration ideas to increase the amount of lighting in the winter

• Add to the romantic atmosphere that candles add to the space, they are suitable for corners that do not know the light.
• It is preferable to abandon the idea of ​​thick curtains in the rooms, in order to allow the threads of the sun to enter the house, no matter how few hours of sunshine in winter.
• The amount of light in the winter room can be made acceptable by choosing some furnishings, upholstered in light-coloured fabrics.
• When mirrors are installed in front of the windows, they allow the residents of the house to enjoy additional lighting in its spaces.
• The dimmer, an affordable accessory that controls the intensity of the light; It helps in strengthening the light in the space, in winter.