How To Make Good Use Of light Bulbs In Home Decorations?

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The importance of lighting lamps is not limited to providing sufficient lighting for the place, but it also has a great impact on the overall look of the house and its beauty, so illuminate your home in an elegant and attractive manner through these tips from US Chandelier that help you Choose the lamps correctly and appropriate for your home.

Importance of Lighting:

Even the most elegant space would not be complete without proper lighting; US Chandelier belive that Every room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to create the right atmosphere and provide adequate lighting.

Lighting lamps that are placed on the table or on the floor, which are often located in the task lighting list, we find them very important in particular because they play both their functional and aesthetic role in your home, and the size, shape and type of lamps must be taken into account when choosing to suit both Lighting and styling needs to match home décor.

To complement your decor:

"Think of the lighting lamp as part of the room's jewelry," says interior designer Judith Balis. "You need the right lamp to complement your room's décor. When choosing lamps, consider the system you follow in your home first, is it modern? Or? Traditional ?Electric?? In this room, Judith added a playful touch to the modern design by using twisted coral-base lamps.


Sleek Shades:

If you mean a modern or contemporary view, think of simple lamps when choosing them, and we can see that the slim bases and drum-shaped shade can add some height and drama to the space without overpowering the other décor.


Eternal Gravity:

Tapered shades blend easily with traditional décor, and here designer Katie Leavy paired an antique ceramic lamp with colorful Indian textiles and Chinese artwork hanging on the wall, for a look that's both classic and lifelike


Using tilted shades:

If you need to add color or texture to a room, an eye-catching lampshade will give the room that push and shape, look for shades with bold, eye-catching textures, or artistic touches like beadwork.

Components Format:

When looking for the right shade for a lamp, you should choose the shade that has a suitable shape for the lamp itself. If you have a lamp with a square base, look for a square or rectangular shade, and a circular or drum-shaped shade goes well with lamps with a circular base Or the bulb-shaped, while the cone-shaped shade is suitable for bulbs with a long thin base.


Consider the appropriate lamp size:

Like anything else for decoration, you should always think about the right size, always make sure that the size of the lamp is suitable for the place where it will be placed, you do not want to put a giant lamp on a table that is too small, not only will its shape be disappointing, but it can fall to the ground and break Easily, and certainly a very small lamp would not look great in a large room, and for the size of the lamp components itself the shade should be half or three-quarters the size of the lamp base itself, and should hide the lamp's internal hardware.


The transparent shades face the opaque: 

An important element to keep in mind when choosing the shade of a lamp is the amount of light you need from the lamp; If you need a lamp to light up an entire room or provide enough light for reading, a clear shade is definitely best suited, though if the lamp is heavily used as an accent piece, try an opaque shade for a dramatic look.


the appropriate place:

After selecting the lamps, it is very important to decide where they will be placed; It is preferable to use floor lamps to illuminate a corner of the house or a reading area. If you have a dark corner in the house, this type of lamp will work wonderfully with it, and will add a wonderful feeling to the room. As for the lamps that are placed on the tables, they are suitable to fill the rest of the places in the room.