How To Choose A Chandelier - Best Tips

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Lighting plays an important role in creating a homely and comfortable atmosphere. Today, manufacturers offer an impressive selection of chandeliers, differing in design features used in the production of materials and design solutions. We'll tell you how to choose the best lighting for your home.

1- Design

Modern Sconces Handmade Wall Lamps by US Chandelier

The first thing you need to decide when choosing a chandelier is the design. It depends on the features of the model, the installation process and its appearance.

The main types of chandeliers:

wall and ceiling : A great option for small rooms with low ceilings. Such models do not "eat up" in height and occupy a minimum amount of space. The undoubted advantage of wall and ceiling chandeliers is their laconic design, which can ideally complement the bathroom, children's room or bedroom.

rest : They are usually chosen for additional lighting (for example, to place the main accents in the interior) or to divide the space. A great solution if you like to "play" with lighting and create unusual artistic compositions, combining brightness and type of light.

Conclusion : For bright main lighting, choose a ceiling to the wall (for small rooms) or suspended chandeliers, and use built-in models to distinguish individual interior items.


2- Bulbs: type and quantity

Glass Wall lamp Bronze by US Chandelier

When buying a chandelier, you should take into account the number of light bulbs. If you plan to illuminate a spacious room with high ceilings, then stop the choice on models or multi-track tracks consisting of several instruments.

Given the number of lamps, you can work with the levels of illumination: combine sconces with a hanging chandelier or install 4-5 spots. If the floor space is limited, a single lamp model will suffice.

Along with the number of light bulbs, it is important to consider their type:

LED light ( LED ). The most effective and environmentally friendly solution. The use of chandeliers with LED lights provides electricity savings of up to 90%, in addition, they do not absorb heat. Choose LED lights if you want the light to be really clear and saturated. Perhaps the only drawback of these models is their high price.

fluorescent . They are selected for durability, minimal thermal performance and economical energy consumption. Do not forget that chandeliers with fluorescent lamps can be dangerous: if you lose tightness, the allocation of harmful components is not excluded. The cost of such lamps is quite high.

Incandescent lamps . The most popular option, known to everyone since childhood. The advantage of incandescent lamps is a large set of bases, dimensions and power. The cost of such models is minimal, but they consume a lot of electricity. Gradually, the familiar 40 W and 100 W are a thing of the past.

Conclusion : The best option for any room - chandeliers with LED lights, the number of which is selected based on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.