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 Luxurious and beautiful chandeliers are distinguished by their attractive and striking designs, but behind this beauty is the quality of the material used to make these chandeliers.

Many main materials are used in the manufacture of chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures, the most important of which are the following:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum

In this article we will talk about the brass chandeliers, as we will show you the best styles of brass chandeliers Corona Del Mar.

But before that, we will briefly explain what Brass is?

Brass is a copper alloy, the primary alloying agent being zinc. Brass retains the malleability and ductility of copper and has the added benefit of increased strength.

An attractive and tarnish-resistant material, it is well suited for both commercial and residential lighting applications.

Best Styles of brass chandeliers Corona Del Mar

US Chandeliers offer you the perfect luxury and beauty of brass chandeliers Corona Del Mar, which are characterized by their wonderful and attractive design

1.    American Modern Pendant Lights Brass Chandeliers

The pendant lights are a combination of copper and glass, designed in postmodern American style.

Lamp holder: used for any bulb of E12. Stable and safe, bringing a good lighting experience.

This product is made of high-quality copper, which has stable metal characteristics, is not easy to rust, is durable, has a simple and fashionable glass shape and soft light transmission, and adopts a high-quality insulated lamp holder

Installation: The surface is easy to install, including all installation hardware.

Perfect for kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer, bar, or restaurant.

2.    Modern Luxury Round Crystal Chandeliers Brass

Unique Design, The high-transmittance crystal rods are patchwork hung on the bright brass lamp body.

After installation, this round pendant light brings an elegant atmosphere to your home.

This chandelier lighting fixture is great for your Dining room, Living room, Bedroom, Entranceway, stairway, Closet, powder room, office room.........

3.    luxury Crystal Ball Chandelier, Modern Design, Brass Ceiling light Lighting Fixture 6 lights

Crystal ball lampshade, soft light, and no glare.

The brass lamp body is processed through multiple processes, does not rust, does not fade, and is always bright and new.

It's the perfect light fixture to install in Hallway, StairWay, dining room, living room, foyers, Office, Bedroom, and more.

You will marvel at its beauty when turn on the light!Not only lighting but also decorating your house.

It will make your home more interesting and attractive.

Perfect to create a warm, romantic atmosphere for your home and other places.

*Adjustable to different lengths through a push-pin locking mechanism at the canopy.


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