Bet On Glass Lamps For Living Room Lighting

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There are many alternatives to light up the living room but among those there are always some that stand out the most. Spherical glass bulbs are one of the most eye-catching. So, if you want lamps to become an important element of your living room, glass globe lamps are a great bet.


Glass Lamps

These lamps fit into any space, but they especially shine in classic and contemporary environments. It can take various forms; Act like a chandelier or stand independently with large spheres. Do you know what is the best place to put each of them in your living room?

It is not easy to choose the most suitable globe lamp for the living room. There's a reason for that: Variety of designs . But we hope today's photos will inspire you and help you decide more quickly. If you're not sure what you want at the end of this article, you'll at least with US Chandelier know you don't. And that, at times, is almost as important as the first, wouldn't you agree?


On The Coffee Table

Do you want to place this lamp in the center of the living room, on the coffee table? If you want this lamp to become the lamp that illuminates the living room in general, it is better to bet on it a lamp with different arms that embrace the area for entertainment, comfort, and most importantly in the room.

All the lamps above this paragraph have different arms and glass lampshades in the shape of a ball and yet they are very different. Those with a messy look and smaller spheres are ideal for decorating modern and sophisticated spaces, while more organized or grouped shaped lamps and medium spheres are ideal for more conservative or relaxing environments.


In The Dining Area

US Chandelier see that The dining room is one of the favorite places to put these glass globe lamps. If the living room and dining room share a space in the house and you want to draw attention to the latter, placing a lamp of this type on the dining table can help. A lamp like any of those already mentioned but whose lampshades are far from the ceiling and closer to the table, without, of course, preventing diners from interacting comfortably.

Just as in the living room we were looking for more general lighting, in the dining room it is enough for the light to fall on the table. If the table is very long, then it is better to put an elongated lamp or bet on a group of several equal lamps from one ball in which you play with heights. If it's circular, we like the idea of ​​betting on a lamp with one vertical axis but several "cascading" spheres.


Floor Lamps By The Sofa

So far we've talked about ceiling lights, but there are also floor lamps with glass balls. They are ideal to place next to the sofa and provide more specific lighting for this space so that you can read comfortably or create a more intimate atmosphere.

These types of lamps generally feature a gold-plated body and up to three white spheres. Placed at different heights and directions . They are not lamps that you can direct their light on, although there are also such lamps as you can see in the first two pictures. Unlike other types of standing lamp coils this requires a structure that can withstand the weight of the balls, so it is not always easy to find lamps with many possibilities at a good price

Glass globe lights, as you've seen, are a great alternative to living room lighting. We recommend that you put only one of this type in the living room, especially if it is a design with large balls, so as not to overload it. It would also be a great tool to draw attention to that particular angle.