Benefits Of Floor Lamps And Where is Placed ?

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Among the variety of lighting fixtures, floor lamps have a number of advantages. The main advantage of these lamps is their mobility. Unlike sconces that require installation, for US Chandelier the location of floor lamps can be easily changed if you want to rearrange or update the interior, the main thing is to have a socket nearby.

Benefits Of Floor Lamps

The second advantage of floor lamps is that they do not require additional pieces of furniture such as a curbstone or a table, because this lamp is usually on the floor or on a special stand.

And the third plus of floor lamps is a wide range of applications and a wide assortment of models of completely different shapes and styles, which will certainly allow you to choose an ideal option in the interior, decorated in any design direction.

Crystal Floor Lamps

Types of floor lamps

In general, the US Chandelier consider that the whole range of floor lamps can be divided into several groups according to their external appearance and designs. The base of the floor lamp can be made of metal, wood, plastic, and sometimes even glass. The lighting element is incandescent lamps and LED lamps.

Classic floor lamps, as a rule, have the same design: a straight stand with a base and a lampshade shade of any shape.

Such floor lamps are always in fashion and are well suited not only for classic and neoclassical interiors, but also for rooms decorated in a modern, minimalist or even eclectic style.

Most often they are used for soft and unobtrusive lighting of the recreation area, so they can often be found near a sofa or armchair. Sometimes they are also installed in the bedroom instead of table lamps with bedside tables.

A variety of modern floor lamps amaze the imagination. Among the floor lamps in this category you can find absolutely crazy design solutions. Depending on the material and shape of the lampshade, floor lamps are divided into lamps with directional, diffused or reflected light. They can also differ in purpose and function: decorative, rotating, arched (curved), for children, desk, with a table, with one or more lampshades.

Where and how is the floor lamp placed?

s we know, the floor lamp is indispensable when decorating the recreation or reading area in the living room. It is especially common to place it on the sides of the sofa, as well as on the armchair or in the corner of the room. In the bedroom, the floor lamp perfectly performs the function of bedside lighting, but only if the size of the room allows it to be placed so that it does not clutter the space. If the room is not large, then choose floor lamps with thin legs with elegant lampshades.

Often, floor lamps can be found in the dining area, because they create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, and dining becomes more comfortable in dim light.

If we talk about color solutions, then it should be noted that the floor lamp itself is a very noticeable element in the interior, so special attention should be paid to the choice of its shape and color.

The floor lamp shade can be chosen to match the color of the sofa, armchair, bedspread or curtains. The color of the floor lamp can match the color of the walls if the lamp is not placed close to the wall. But it is better if the lampshade differs by several tones. You can choose a floor lamp that will serve as a decorative accent function. The general option is a floor lamp of white, cream or gray color ... If the interior is made in restrained colors, then you can try to make it a bright accent on the floor lamp. Pick up a red floor lamp from the interior in black and white shades and complement it with pillows of the same color, and the room will sparkle with new colors. For a classic interior a good option will be a series of lamps of different types made in the same style. Thus, they tie all the design elements together.

To increase the amount of light in the living room or hallway, place a floor lamp in front of the mirror. For soft, diffused light, choose a floor lamp with a cylindrical fabric shade. If you are looking for a floor lamp with directional lighting, look no further than desk types. To illuminate a larger area, choose a floor lamp with a shade that faces upward. For children's rooms, you can pick up a bright practical floor lamp with a plastic cover and a soft base.

In conclusion, we can say that over the centuries, floor lamps have been constantly changing and have undergone many transformations. Nowadays they continue to change, new design solutions appear.

Despite this, floor lamps do not lose their popularity and are actively used in interior design not only as a decor, but also as a functional and functional lighting element.