Beautiful Ideas For Lighting Entryways

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The entrance to your home is a reflection of what your visitors will see inside, and for US Chandelier the first thing that gives an impression of your taste and personality. But the hallway is not just an engineering design and a choice of materials used, the best design can look bad if it has unprofessional lighting or it is not completely lit! In this article, we present to you some 11 ideas for lighting some entrances that will really impress you and see for yourself its impact on the design.

- Welcome lighting

Modern Contemporary Wall lamp   by US Chandelier

To design the correct and appropriate lighting for the entrance to your home, take care of three things: high lighting above the door, lighting the corridor leading to the door and lighting inside the plants, if any. In addition to being a welcome sight for those who will visit you, high lighting in front of the door is a safe choice for you to clearly see who is standing in front of the door.


1- Corridor lighting

Lighting your driveway is very important and has a great impact on your outdoor home décor. The best way to achieve this is by placing spotlights mounted on the edge of the driveway or under the planter basin that extends from the beginning of the driveway to the door of the house.


2-between grades

Wall lamp Industrial for Indoor by US Chandelier

Another idea for lighting the stairs, but this time not in the wall adjacent to it or on the stairs, but the lighting was installed between the stairs to produce this elegant and luxurious view that preserves the safety of the users of the stairs in the dark.


3- modern entrance

This modern white entrance would not have been complete without adding lighting to the wall of the stone door and the bedroom on the second floor and choosing the same lighting on the two floors added elegance and integration between the lighting of the front of the house.


4- Dual illumination

Wall lamp for Living room by US Chandelier

Another idea is to light the stairs leading to the door of the house with lighting inside the planting basin to add different levels of view and a wonderful decoration with lighting. Also, a large glass chandelier was used in the balcony to illuminate the interior space and the entrance to the house at the same time.

5- indirect lighting

The combination of direct and indirect lighting creates a unique design. Add some lighting to the walls and the floor while creating some geometric shapes for a decor that radiates elegance.

6-lighting in wood

Modern Contemporary Wall lamp by US Chandelier

Wood has a special warmth and elegance and brings a natural feel to the design, and the lighting makes it look even prettier. In this design, lighting is installed in the wooden step in front of the entrance and the last spotlight is reflected on the wall aesthetically.

7-simple lighting

Two spotlights installed as above show the beauty of the empty wooden door and one light beside the staircase in the middle for better visibility. Really elegant entrance.