Which Lighting To Choose For The Bedroom?

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The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. The lighting must be suitable for these purposes. A ceiling light and a bedside lamp are absolutely necessary.


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Comfort with remote controlled lights

The bedroom is a special place in a house. The well-chosen light allows to emphasize its atmosphere and to create a real paradise to rest. Therefore, we advise you to opt instead for luminaires with attenuated brightness . On the other hand, if the wardrobes with your clothes are located in the bedroom, the light should not be very weak so as not to distort the color perception of your clothes.

The basis of good  bedroom lighting is main lighting that will emit light upwards and not directly downwards. We offer  ceiling lights , which can be either very simple or composed of several small independent luminaires. Ceiling lights are a good choice for rooms with low ceilings, as they visually expand the room. Some ceiling lights are controlled with a remote control which is very practical, because you can adjust different lighting colors from your bed.
Pendant  lights  are a very popular type of main lighting. Choose them according to the design of your bedroom. Modern and designer pendant lights are currently in high demand, but in our shop you will also find rattan or crystal pendant lights.

Bedside lamp

Many people read in their bedroom, so the main lighting should be supplemented with a lamp. You can opt for a  floor lamp  (if you have a TV in your bedroom, put it next to it), but in general people prefer bedside lamps. What features should a good  bedside lamp  for the bedroom have? First of all, the lamp should not dazzle you or your partner who may not like to read like you do. Instead, choose a lamp with a lampshade  and which is  adjustable or with a flexible arm which will allow you to adjust the degree of inclination of the light. You will appreciate it especially if you like to read not only lying down, but also sitting down. A lamp whose intensity can be modulated can also be a very good choice.
If you have a large bedroom, you can place  wall sconces there too . And if you go to the bathroom often at night, a  night light  can be useful . It has a built-in motion sensor that turns on automatically and turns itself off after a short time. You will no longer be afraid of tripping or waking your partner by turning on the classic light.