Avoid Common Mistakes And Do This Tips For Right Wall Lighting

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Lighting a room is an important part of the décor, no less important than choosing the colors of the walls, choosing the appropriate furniture, or decorating it with appropriate accessories, and choosing them requires careful consideration and experience. I will mention here the three most important points that you should take into consideration before purchasing lighting devices and distributing them in your bedroom:

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Common Mistakes

1- Beware of using one light source in the room

no matter what lighting device you want, it will provide you with sufficient lighting, and no matter how small the room is, do not rely on it only. During sleep, strong light is required when women need to adorn themselves, and the need for it changes during the day. Therefore, it is always advisable to use three types of lighting in one room:

A basic lighting device placed in the ceiling that gives the room an added aesthetic value and takes advantage of the moderate lighting it gives.

Bedside lamps that are used for reading at night, either placed on the table or directly on the floor.

- Point lighting in the ceiling that controls the degree of strength as desired.

In addition to what was mentioned, it remains to point out that there are some unconventional methods of lighting bedrooms, such as

Lights inside the cupboards that work when opened.

Sound-powered lamps, which light up when you make a specific sound, such as applause, for example, are used in bedrooms as a luxury or in sick cases.

Hidden lighting under the bed or in the walls as a new style of decoration that has an aesthetic effect on the room rather than a functional one.

2- Be careful in choosing their shapes

and if you have to choose different types of lighting devices, you must take into account their harmony with each other in terms of style, colors and suitability for the room so that it does not seem extraneous to the decor. 

3- Take into account two important places in the room 

- the place for applying makeup, where it must be sufficiently lit.

The place designated for reading, such as the office, if available, in the room, where attention must be paid to the place where the lighting device is placed and the degree of illumination.


Wall lighting distribution locations

Corridors in the house

 It is one of the most used places of this type, given that the ceiling in them is often too low to be used. Therefore, it is common to see groups distributed along the corridor towards the rooms

At the stairs in the house, as it is the main element of lighting in these particular places

Sitting rooms and salon 

where they are used as part of the interior decoration more than a basic lighting device. In such rooms, the focus is on the ceiling and the lighting emanating from it, such as large chandeliers or spotlights. As for the wall lighting devices, they are dimmed with the aim of shedding light on a painting or using it. At night, as an auxiliary light, nothing more


How do you choose the right lighting device for your home?

US Chandelier see that

It should be part of the home’s decor and fit the style followed in it. You cannot choose the shape that you like only

When the interior decoration in the house has a rustic character, you should choose the design closest to this style

It should be placed in places that do not hinder movement and do not cause collisions with it while moving around the house