Amazing Ideas For Hotel Room Lighting

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Hotels are spaces that accommodate people with very different purposes, some stay there for business, others for leisure, etc. In this sense, the lighting of hotel rooms must accompany the different activities that can take place there, always helping to maintain a calm and tranquil atmosphere while adapting to the needs of each client.


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How to light a hotel room?

Hotel room lighting should make guests feel as comfortable as they would in their own home. To achieve this comfort, it is necessary to take into account that the bedrooms can be used for other activities than sleep, such as work or leisure. It is precisely for this reason that the lighting of hotel rooms must be designed according to the use that will be made of each part of the room.

As far as general lighting is concerned, it is advisable to avoid direct light points on the ceiling. On the contrary, the use of LED strips with indirect light can give a much more welcoming result. These strips can also be the perfect option to illuminate the interior of cabinets with direct light and create an elegant and original effect.

Using wall sconces on the side of the bed is also one of our favorite ways to light up hotel rooms, as the light you get is warm and pleasant and the durability of wall sconces is much longer. than that of table lamps or pendant lamps, a factor of great importance when considering the constant maintenance of a hotel.

One of the most important elements of lighting in a hotel room is undoubtedly the reading light. This light should be spot-on so as not to disturb the other person and should be adjustable to suit the posture of the guest when reading. In the case of the office, a decorative table light can be a good option, provided that it provides sufficient lighting.

When planning hotel room lighting, it is also necessary to put yourself in the customers' shoes. In this sense, a hotel is no one's home, so finding the switches at specific times can be confusing and inconvenient.

Precisely for this reason, the placement of short-range light sensors with a light signal that lights up when you put your feet on the ground is undoubtedly the best way to guarantee and facilitate minimum visibility at times such as night.


Although the most important aspect of hotel room lighting is the room itself, hotel bathrooms also play a key role in the guest experience. In this case, issues such as color temperature must be taken into account, as well as the types of luminaires and their location.

The color temperature should be consistent throughout the space, and in places such as the mirror it is recommended that light hit the face from both sides to avoid shadows. Light from the ceiling should be avoided. And, although the sink is partially illuminated by mirror lights, the inclusion of an accent light that gives it its own prominence can add a very original touch to the bathroom design.

As far as the shower is concerned, the most important thing is to have a comfortable light that allows you to relax without dazzling, while allowing you to see the hygiene products well. One option is to use IP65 LED strips in soap niches and ceiling recesses to achieve perfect lighting in this area. In addition, IP65 is ideal for showers and is protected against humidity.

The one bedroom bathroom also says a lot about the hotel, its style, elegance and attention to detail. With good lighting, it is therefore easy to attract customers.

Dressing room

Dressing rooms are one part of hotel rooms where lighting can completely transform guest perception.

In rooms where there are made-to-measure wardrobes, LED profiles are the best option to ensure good visibility, as they provide plenty of light without glare, but also serve to create an original, personalized and elegant effect.

Function: the importance of hotel room lighting

As we mentioned, hotel rooms are sort of multi-purpose spaces where people can go for a variety of reasons. In this sense, lighting is important not only for its contribution to the aesthetic result, but also for its role in creating a peaceful atmosphere.

One of the things customers value most is silence, and there's no better way to promote silence than to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

In the same way, the lighting of hotel rooms is essential to serve as a landmark. It's important to remember that guests may never have been in this space before, so having a light to guide them both into the bedroom and down the hallways is key to greater comfort. Fixtures such as Plas, Signal or Nase are ideal for this type of lighting.


Smart control or home automation

Lighting control in hotel rooms is no longer a complex task, thanks to lighting control systems.

These systems make it possible to control and regulate the lighting of the entire space, which considerably reduces energy expenditure and allows light to be used when necessary.