All The Advantages Of Portable Lamps

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Mobile, the nomadic lamp is a useful, decorative and innovative object which is now available in several models and several functions to satisfy the whole tribe. Designer nomadic lamps undoubtedly represent the quintessence of designer and functional light furniture. Bringing a real warm atmosphere thanks to a design similar to mood lamps, these lamps are however much more mobile and adapt to both indoor and outdoor use. More than simple lights, they are pieces and creations of passionate and experienced designers. Wired, solar or rechargeable, these nomadic light points light up our exterior as much as they decorate our interior. They follow our way of life and are versatile, clinging, folding and transforming as we please. Focus on their attractive particularities.

Marble Table Lamp Contemporary Style Table Lamp By US.Chandelier


Ideal for modulating your decoration and your lighting moods according to your needs, practical and aesthetic, friendly and refined, design nomadic lamps are now essential in many interiors... and exteriors! This is indeed the great strength of these wireless outdoor table lamps: as they do not need to be plugged in, if they have the necessary safety devices (choose a model with the IP44 protection index for use which guarantees watertightness), they can also leave their first use of interior design lighting and invite themselves to the garden, the terrace or the balcony when they are no longer in the living room. Design nomadic table lamps (often equipped with LEDs) lend themselves to all styles and all aesthetics: contemporary and refined. They are quirky and playful or more modern and lounge. They are clever and mobile thanks to their wireless functionality which allows them to be recharged using an external battery, thus offering you a battery life ranging from 2 to 12 hours on average depending on the model.


In addition to lighting you up everywhere, the portable lamps can be transformed, depending on the model, into a musical walkman. Equipped with an integrated speaker producing good sound quality, they work with Bluetooth technology which allows you to connect in one click to your computer, smartphone or tablet to listen to your music wherever you want! All you have to do is pair the speaker and stream your favorite tunes. Thanks to the nomadic lamp, which travels from one point of the house to another and can even be carried away for an evening in the garden or on the beach in summer, the music follows you everywhere, in complete freedom.


At the forefront of technology, portable lamps and portable lamps bring together in your hand all the latest high-tech innovations in the world of lighting. On the light side, they invite you to create the atmosphere with the integrated RGB color-changing LED which is most often controlled from a remote control. Beyond its festive function, you also have the freedom to use it in cocooning mode for quiet moments of reading for example, or at bedtime on your bedside table, with a warm warm white light intensity emitted with subtlety thanks to their natural white color. To combine design and comfort of use, they can also be equipped with a dimmer, better known as the dimmable function.


Equipped with integrated LED technology, nomadic lamps consume little energy, generate high-performance luminosity with maximum instantaneous lighting and promise a lifespan of around 40,000 hours. If they are designed to adapt to an outdoor environment, they display an IP44 class (protection index): their polyethylene casing is totally waterproof and resists all solid and liquid splashes – be careful however not to immerse them.


A true design object, its ultra modern, trendy and light look will make a sensation in any decoration with great elegance. Mostly intended for indoor/outdoor use, these portable lamps reveal a light look but with solid virtues. The new nomadic lamps are design, refined, autonomous and equipped with the latest generation of bulbs. They are revamped by designers who compete in imagination to make them ever more efficient thanks to the Led technological revolution. They display avant-garde and atypical looks all in roundness, they are equipped with handles or hooks as practical as they are unusual to hang everywhere and diffuse a lighting that is both soft and stylish.
All these luminous objects make it possible to explore ultra-design decorative avenues for the exterior with a playful tendency. This is made possible thanks to new translucent plastics such as polyethylene: solid, light and waterproof, it lets in a beautiful, soft, evenly distributed light. This new generation of luminaires is generally equipped with LEDs. These light-emitting diodes consume less and have a longer life than conventional bulbs. Others offer kinetic lighting and come in countless colors. They even offer to change it from blue to red in a few seconds like living lighting.
Finally, true luminous sculptures, these luminous objects adorn the space: they do not really create a play of light but are ideal for providing ambient lighting.