Luxury Modern LED Acrylic Chandelier for kitchen, dining room, bar


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*Luxury Modern LED Acrylic Chandelier, modern design. Perfect for for Hotel ,Hallway and living room
*Their LED pendant lights are not only lights fixtures, but also a perfect addition for your modern decoration
* you can install it in a Kitchen Area, Dining room, living room, Hallway, Hotel, meeting room, showroom,Foyer .....
*Adjustable to different Length through a push- pin locking mechanism at the canopy
*Installer tip: Don't cut wires attached to the fixture under any circumstance. Excess cable should neatly lopped and tucked into canopy.

Brand: US Chandelier 

Style: Modern Contemporary  

Height:  46"

Width:    34"

Type: LED Chandeliers Light

Materials: Metal, acrylic

Color: Gold+Clear acrylic

Color Temperature: Warm White

lamp body: Metal

lamp shade: Acrylic

finished: Polishing finished

Light source: LED /Acrylic

Number of Light: 9 LED Acrylic

Chain/Cord Length : 56" inch

Manufacture: US Chandelier 
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