Full Mask Gas Mask, Sealing Gas Mask, Widely Use Organic Gas, Paint spray Gas Mask


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*Are you prepared to protect your face, eyes and repository tract from a chemical accident, emergency, or situation in which you must handle toxic chemical agents? This mask is made from a rubber mixture which resists the penetration of chemicals paint, cleaning products or hazardous fumes,,,,
*Mask Full Face Head Ventilation Biochemical Gas Mask Widely Used in Organic Gas, Paint Spray, Chemical, Woodworking, Dust Protect
- Factory Sealed
- Each assembly includes :
- respirator series
1- Particulate filter & filter Retainer
This Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly - helps provide protection against certain airborne contaminants. This respirator is for respiratory protection against certain organic vapors and particulates up to ten times the permissible exposure limit

* Details *
- help for respiratory protection against certain organic vapors and particulates
- Lightweight well-balanced design enhances comfort
- Disposable model helps reduce maintenance issues for greater convenience
- Multi-purpose respirator assembly works in a variety of workplace applications
- Half facepiece design is ideal for intermittent use
- Use for a variety of applications including spray painting, pesticides, agriculture, construction and transportation.
- This respiratory protection system is not for use in environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health .
- Breathing hazardous vapors can be harmful to your health, Series helps reduce exposure to certain organic vapors.