Full Face Gas, Mask RespiratorFull Face Head Ventilative Biochemical Gas Mask Widely Used in Organic GasPaint Spray, Chemical, Woodworking, Dust


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Mask Full Face Head Ventilative Biochemical Gas Mask Widely Used in Organic Gas, Paint Spray, Chemical, Woodworking, Dust
SUPERIOR QUALITY :Made of high quality rubber, the breathing mask is non-toxic, soft, comfortable, durable, safe and healthy. Once worn, the gas mask will effectively eliminate any traces of organic chemical vapors or fumes.

POWERFUL FILTRATION AND VENTING :The gas mask is also equipped with a filter cartridge and a large exhalation valve to effectively filter toxic gases, vapors and ensure smooth breathing.
The exhalation valve cap directs exhaled gases and moisture down to reduce fog.

ADJUSTABLE BELT: Comfortable and flexible headband and easy-to-adjust belt with neck clip for easy wear and tear and optimum pressure distribution.

GOOD FIRMING: The mask is close to the skin. Harmful gases and parcels cannot enter the mask.
The mesh headband of this full-face respirator also protects your head and hair, relieving pressure and perfect sealing.

SCOPE OF APPLICATION :Respirator masks can block a variety of harmful substances such as organic gases and vapors, chlorobenzene, alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Chemical masks are widely used in paints, chemicals, polishes, pesticide sprays, chemical experiments, fire emergency, oil recovery, mining and metallurgy, or as welding respirators ,Military, police, civilian and other gas to pollute the environment, protect the face, the head from toxic gases, etc.