Chandelier/ Modern& Classic design

Chandelier/ Modern& Classic design

Modern & Classic - Chandeliers
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This Beautiful Chandelier is made using the highest quality material . Each Chandelier is built by an expert craftsmen from start to finish to ensure that every single piece perfect. Add splendor and style to your home decor with this gorgeous  lighting  Its features,Classic Modern design ,Clear crystal column with golden Crystal curvy arms, Smoky Crystal holders , With this Classic modern  style chandelier would bring a warm lighting to your Bedroom,Living room, Hallway, closet, Powder room,Dining room, Office,Studio, Lounge, Book room,Stair way, Coffee room....This Chandelier is dressed complete with full lead Crystals which has a lead Oxide content of over 30% ( Highest in the industry) these Crystal are precision cut and polished just like diamonds using the highest technology a vailable to achieve the maximum color refraction and sparkle .

Condition:             New

Brand:             US Chandelier 

Item #:               B 92022/6

Material:              Crystal 

Height:                     24"    

Width/Dia:                22"      

Color:                      Gold

Crystal:       clear & Smoky holders 

Weight:                 39.6lb

Asemly Required:  Yes 

Light bulbs:      Not included

Number of Bulbs:    6

Max. Wattage:      40W

Bulb Base:            E12

Bulb Voltage:        120V

Manufacture:  US Chansdelier 


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