The Benefits of face masks, and the best types that available to us

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We all have the responsibility to guard ourselves, our families, friends, and therefore the community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided recommendations on a way to defend yourself and your family.

You can also follow these tips:

  • Wash your hands typically with soap and water for a minimum of twenty seconds, particularly when you have got been during a public place, or when blowing your nose, sneezing, or coughing.
  • Practice social distancing (for example, avoiding jam-packed gatherings and staying at least six feet from others).
  • Cover your cough and sneezes with a tissue or use the within of your elbow.
  • Avoid shut contact with folks that are sick and keep home if you’re sick.
  • Clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.
  • Wear cloth face masks in public.

All the previous advice should be taken into consideration, but wearing face masks is the best way to protect against covid.

We have dedicated this article to talking about the most important benefits of face masks to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, and what are the best types of masks.

How does a face mask help me prevent Covid-19

1.  The mask helps protect those around you

COVID-19 spreads chiefly from person to person through respiratory droplets.

Respiratory droplets travel into the air once you cough, sneeze, talk, shout or sing.

These droplets will then land within the mouths or noses of individuals who are close to you or they'll breathe these droplets in.

Masks are an easy barrier to assist stop your respiratory droplets from reaching others. Studies show that masks scale back the spray of droplets once worn over the nose and mouth.

You should wear a mask, although you are doing not feel sick. This is because many studies have found that individuals with COVID-19 who never develop symptoms (asymptomatic) and people who are not nevertheless showing symptoms (pre-symptomatic) can still spread the virus to people. sporting a mask helps protect those around you, just in case you're infected however not showing symptoms.

It is particularly necessary to wear a mask when you are inside with individuals you do not live with and when you are unable to remain a minimum of six feet apart since COVID-19 spreads in the main among those that are in shut contact with each other.

2.  Your face mask gives you some protection

A fabric mask additionally offers some protection to you too.

However well it protects you from inhaling the virus possible depends on the fabrics used and the way your mask is created (e.g. the kind of material, the amount of layers of cloth, how well the mask fits).

What are the best types of face masks?

Personal protective equipment is our armor in the battle against COVID-19. A mask is the most important piece of PPE because it protects the wearer, as well as the people next to them.

Which mask should you put on? Here are the best choices:

1.    KN95 MASK

One Size Fits All - With the standard size of the disposable 5-layer face mask is super suitable for adults and children.

* Material: high-density non-woven fabric, comfortable and breathing.

* 3D three-dimensional design with fluffy, breathable and soft, will not cause the fog when wearing glasses.

* The adjustable nose bridge and elastic earloop have enough elasticity to make a good seal.

* 5 layer protection can filter out dust, germs, smoke, pollution, and almost 95% of particles in the air

*Apply: Filters non-toxic dust, Pollen, flu, danger, sawdust, garage dust, garden, and general household dust and irritants.

2.    3ply face mask

  • GOOD QUALITY FILTER MASK - Make of safety standard material, Non- Woven Material with Meltblown filter, 3-ply disposable mouth mask for children and adults, stay healthy and safe when at work or out.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO DUST - Filters over 95% of airborne particles, fumes, and odors. Keep people stay healthy and safe when at work or out by protecting your airways from pollutants and allergens to help you breathe easier as much as possible.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - This face mask features an adjustable nose wire to ensure a perfect fit. Comfortable elastic earloop, extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears. The inner layer is made of soft facial tissue, no dye, gentle to the skin.
  • PERFECT CHOICE - This mask can be used all year in any weather which keeps you safe from fog, smog, dust, smells, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, allergens, and humidity. Suitable for cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing, and daily use.

3.    Bandanas

Features: The multifunctional bandana is made of seamless technology without deformation.

It does not fade, it can be washed with a machine, and it has the elasticity of a headscarf.

During use, the seams can be worn on the head without affecting the appearance.

You can wear it on your head, or you can fold the pattern as needed.

After long-term use, the turban can still return to its original shape.

Product use: Can be used as a headscarf, scarf, sand hat, wristband, etc.

Trial locations: Mountain climbing, running, fitness, cycling, leisure, fishing, etc...



  • Built for Comfort and Protection: This face mask comes with breathable fabric and an activated carbon filter.

          It also features a unique ventilation design, excellent breathability, and                ergonomic design. Designed for maximum cooling and comfort during                  long periods of use.

  • 5-Layer Activated Carbon Filter: Our Heavy Duty Activated Carbon Filter is able to Isolate 98% of allergens including dust, chemicals, fine particles, gases, pollution, and smoke.
  • Exhaust Valve: TWO Valves for maximum breathability and airflow. The mask is excellent for cycling, running, and daily wear.
  • Versatile: With the mask on, you can do almost any activity, such as running, cycling, hiking, skiing, woodworking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Secure Velcro Fastening: Mask will stay on tight even when you move, ensuring no unwanted particles enter accidentally.
  • Washable and Reusable: Mask is Washable and Reusable. HIGH-quality breathable fabric!
  • Material: neoprene (mask) , non-woven (filter)
  • Application: cycling, riding, running, jogging, outdoor sports, etc...
  • Instructions for use: face mask can be normally used for 2-3 years, filter is better to be replaced in 30 days if using frequently, so if you often wear it, you can prepare several pieces of filters.


This face mask features the following:

  • Material: Cotton 100% Inside, Polyester Outside🇺🇸
  • Adjustable washable reusable mouth mask anti-dust half-face mouth for men women & Kids, dust with adjustable
  • The mouth mask is washable and reusable.
  • Adjustable elastic earloop and M shaped for a comfortable fit, allowing for easy breathability
  • The mask works like an active natural shield against any pollution such as dust, smoke, pollution, pollen.
  • Included 2 Filter PM.2.5


Finally, we recommend that during the COVID-19 epidemic, always wear some facial covering to protect yourself and others from the virus.

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